Crime Lord is a crime series by Filmmaker-Actor David Wilde

Ex criminal (Paul Black) tries to take a new path as a crime fiction writer, but his first novel bombs. He then starts to write "CRIME LORD" as a hobby.

Paul can't make a living as a writer, so he gets drawn back into a criminal path with his partner in crime (Ray) An Ex pornographer, who also can't make any money in porn films anymore. They both set up a Godfather style justice service online, and a club as a front. 

Paul now writes about his real life rise to power, but the CRIME LORD novels are sold as fiction. He does book signings, while growing his criminal organisation with Ray. His series of novels begin to sell, and then become bestsellers. The line between reality and fiction blurs. 


Season 1 available to watch UK & USA Canada, Australia, and New Zealand On AMAZON PRIME VIDEO. Also available to watch on Google Play Also coming to youtube in Sept 2021.


Season 2 went on hold because of covid, but started shooting early 2021. Three episodes are now shot. Were in prep for Episode 4 

Shoots in Scotland, UK cities, & London. Follow the social media streams for regular updates. Facebook Instagram  Tik Tok