Paul Black has just been released from prison after serving 15 years for armed robbery. He wrote a crime novel in prison. 

He's just about to sign a publishing deal that could change his life forever, but his ambition to start a new "legit" life might be more difficult than he thought.

He insists the novel is pulp fiction, but the media have hyped that he's writing about his past criminal activities and associates. His past associates now get a little worried about this book.

Is this just a crime fiction novel, with a good viral publicity spin, or has Paul really written a bio to open up a can of worms. Maybe a slow burn revenge plan. 




David "My goal is to bring a fresh angle to the crime genre with this web series. My main character will live a double life. "Part Time Writer.....Full Time Criminal!" He mixes with the criminal underworld, but he also infiltrates the "legit business" world and power circles as he climbs the ladder.


The world has changed a lot in the last fifteen years since Paul Black has been in prison. He can clearly see new opportunities in this new transparent, higher tech, and connected world. He is drawn back into a criminal life, but he continues to write in his spare time.


People think his books are pulp crime fiction. In reality, he's writing about the life he's living! He eventually becomes very successful with his books, but the money is not enough. He also needs the buzz he gets from living the life of the character he is writing about.


Hollywood comes calling to make the books into movies. He encounters just as many crooks and sociopaths in the publishing, media, marketing, and movie world. 


This character sees this new world for what it is. He takes advantage of it, and even exposes hypocrisy, but at the same time he becomes part of it as he builds his creative and criminal empire.