David Paul Baker


I play "Paul Black" in CRIME LORD. I started off as an actor, then I got more interested in filmmaking. This is the first real role I have played for several years. 


I wrote, produced, and directed CRIME LORD. I also set up this CITY OF SIN site for all my work. I plan to write and make many episodes of CRIME LORD and other films for CITY OF SIN 





Stephen Brady


Stephen Brady plays "Ray Tierney" in CRIME LORD. He has acted in several films and another couple of david's films.


He played this role of Ray in a short film david made before CRIME LORD called CALL GIRL. He has also worked with david on the feature film MISSION X. 






Tyne Roberts


Tyne Roberts plays "CANDY BELLE" in CRIME LORD. Tyne has acted in a few other short films. She also has a successful career as a model for the past five years. 







Jim Sweeney


Jim Sweeney plays "Logan MacKenzie" in CRIME LORD. Jim has also worked with david in the past on his feature MISSION X. Jim has acted in several features, shorts, TV commercials. 







The first episode of CRIME LORD had a very small crew. Two camermen at different times, and a couple of assistants on different days. Thats it!

Martin Parry


Martin shot half of the first episode of CRIME LORD. David worked with him on his first feature film PASTY FACES. An industry funded comedy caper that was shot in Scotland, LA, and Las Vegas. (Shot left from Pasty Faces shoot, Culver studios, LA) 


Martin has worked as a DOP-Cameraman on features, TV shows, Corporate, Commercials. 







Grant Timmins


Grant starred in and shot the camera in David's second feature MISSION X. He shot the other half of CRIME LORD. 







Check out IMDB to find everybody who made this first episode of CRIME LORD possible.