"Crime Lord" is about a crime writing criminal.


Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video & Google Play in UK-USA-CANADA-AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND.  I'm also writing the novel version. This is just a few teaser chapters on here

A full digital and physical novel will be released in 2020. The final version will be properly edited, and some of the chapters will be longer. 









I'm only twenty four hours out of prison, and already I'm "PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE!" 


My plan for going straight seems to be disintegrating by the minute. I wouldn't mind if it was because I came out and went on a mad revenge killing spree! BOOM! SLASH! RATATAT KILL BILL style! 


No! I deal with my past issues like a civilized human being. I wank out my rage into a cheap and trashy pulp fiction crime novel, then all hell breaks loose! Every past motherfucker I worked with thinks I'm writing about them!


I look at my twitter account. "I'm offended by this book!" You haven't read it you tweeting twit! Ten newspaper articles, 2 TV spots, and three death threats via facebook, and a picture of a gun to my head on instagram since last night! And it's not even lunchtime! 


If this is the new world of paranoia, narcissism, media exploitation, then I think I might be safer back in Barlinnie! Tucked up in bed with a good book! On an upbeat note, the publisher is throwing a party because of all this free media! That's nice! 


I told him not to pop his cork just yet, as I might not get out of this week alive! He acts really concerned on the phone, but I can tell he really just wants me to get the written pages typed up by friday. They can kill me AFTER he gets the book! 


Anyway, I'm keeping calm. I'm overdozing on "Chill Pills" that Ray gave me. Don't know what the fuck they are, but they make me smile, laugh, and write better! I swallow them like M&M's with a whiskey chaser!


Ok, so were on our way to see a guy about a gun! If I get stopped with a gun on me, I'll get ten years right away just for possession. Ray insists that Logan and some of my past paranoid associates will not think twice about popping me. 


My second day of going straight....So far!