"Crime Lord" is about a crime writing criminal.


Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video & Google Play in UK-USA-CANADA-AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND.  I'm also writing the novel version. This is just a few teaser chapters on here

A full digital and physical novel will be released in 2020. The final version will be properly edited, and some of the chapters will be longer. 









Logan’s in front of me with his two heavies. This is the guy I fantasised about killing for years.


I could glass him, jump over the table and gouge his eyeballs with my fingers. Or just give him a good old fashioned Glasgow Kiss! Truth is, there’s no rage left in me. Losing my temper is losing my power.

Logan: Look, I just want to say, I appreciate what you did. I want to offer you some compensation.

Paul: I don’t want it!

I don’t know how long I can remain calm before I unleash my inner Max Cady! I politely refuse his persistent offers of money, then I get up to leave. Until he spits out

Logan: Good luck with your book!

Paul: Who told you about my book?

Logan: I know a few guys inside. They said you were writing a crime bio!

Paul: It’s not a crime bio. It’s crime fiction.

Logan: Yeah! I don’t have a little cameo role in it?

Does he seriously think that I’m going to stay silent for fifteen years, then rat on him and past associates in a book! Maybe he’s right! Slow burn, slow torture. Do I have a ticking bomb ready go to off? With the help of the media today, the pen really can be mightier than the sword.

Logan built his empire up from the street. In the early days, he did some time inside. But I can see a change in him. I can see what’s worrying him….He’s comfortable! 


Him and his associates have spent the last fifteen years laundering their dirty money. They probably have a few nice homes, drink the best champagnes, have their mistresses on the side. Life is good!

If they were in prison for anymore than a month today, they would probably be singing like canaries! I’m the dirty reminder from their past! They probably know my book is fiction, but even one percent of doubt is enough to keep them awake at night.

Good!....I Had fifteen years of sleepless nights…Fuck them!

Paul: You want to read my book? It’ll be in Waterstone’s in a few weeks!

I leave the bar.