"Crime Lord" is about a crime writing criminal.


Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video & Google Play in UK-USA-CANADA-AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND.  I'm also writing the novel version. This is just a few teaser chapters on here

A full digital and physical novel will be released in 2020. The final version will be properly edited, and some of the chapters will be longer. 









Ok, lets cut to the chase, yeah, I want to fuck her brains out! That’s her job, Ray’s paid for it, and the last time I had it, the twin towers were still there! So why am I not ripping her knickers off when I have been handed it on a plate? I’ll get to that in a minute.


She seems like a nice gal who is just trying to hustle with her skills and charms. So maybe I should just get it on with her. We have a few drinks, until she spits out a line that sounds as if it’s straight out of one of her cheap skin flicks!


Jodie “Fifteen years without a woman….You’re balls must be as big as melons!”


She pulls out some handcuffs from her handbag. I have to admit, just out of the slammer, handcuffs are a real passion killer! Until I dimly realise she wants me to use them on her! She waves the cuffs. 


Jodie, “I like a man who’s in control!”


Ok, lets play! I cuff her hands behind her back, and lead her to the bedroom. She drops to the bed, then I get behind. She likes badasses, so I play the part.


Jodie: “OMG what you going to do to me?….Do anything but please don’t hurt me!”


Ray: (whispering) So you like bad guys?


Jodie: Ohh I love bad boys!! I’m naughty too, I need punished!


I go along with MR BADASS for a few minutes. Spank her ass, talk dirty, until she realizes I’m not PLAYING Mr BAD anymore. Why?


I looked in her handbag before I even came in the room. I know, never look in a woman’s bag. But my BS alarm was screaming. Even though I know she was paid to be here. 


My sixth sense was bang on. I found an ipad with about fifty snapped pictures of my hand written novel pages! 


Ray: “You like to play games do you? Well I don’t! Who the fuck sent you here Jodie?


Jodie: “Are we still playing?” 


Ray: “Get the fuck up!!!!”


I lift her off the bed. She’s not a bad gal. She’s a hustler. I can respect that. It wasn’t personal, so I don’t lose my cool. I calm her down, give her a drink.


I only want to know one thing. Who sent her? She she admits that it was Ray. He’s being blackmailed by Logan. She finishes her drink and leaves.