See where you can get involved in Crime Lord episodes


A kickstarter campaign launches on April 2nd to try and fund the next episodes of "Crime Lord" From episode 4 to 16.


I'm posting brief breakdowns about all the new episodes here. Sharing an insight into how Paul and Ray start to build their crime empire from nothing. 


I don't want to give everything away, but just enough to let people see where the story is going to go. Most movies are made because audiences have already read the novels, comics, or they are watchng a remake. I'm invisible, so the more I can share the better!


There's also a lot of opportunities for people to appear in episodes, via the kickstarter campaign. This breakdown of episodes also lets people see the type of scenes they can appear in. From episodes 4-12


New episode breakdowns will be posted daily until the campaign starts








Paul and Ray get a call fro Ewan Ford. Ewan has a friend that is in trouble in London. He asks if they would see him, listen to his problem. And help if they can. They have no idea what his problem, because Ewan won't talk details over the phone, but they agree to meet him.


They meet Ewan's friend in the city for a drink. At first he won't reveal who he is, until Paul recognises him. He's an MP. Like his friend Ewan, he likes the ladies, and like Ewan, he's been caught on video.


However, this gang that set him up want a lot more than Paul and Ray wanted from Ewan. Paul and Ray why they would come to another couple of gangsters, to deal with the others. It's mainly because of Ewan's recommendation, and because "Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire" 


They agree to consider helping him, and they don't want any money. But he will obviously owe them at some point. But not to the level that the other gang are trying to extort from him. They agree to meet after they find out more about the gang. 


In the meantime, Paul and Ray go and meet a film producer that was interested in making Paul's life into a film. He also wants to buy the global rights. He's almost ruthless gangster personality. 


The film would be an over the top ultra violent action flick. Paul might be interested, but not the bio version of his life. I would need to be the genre pulp crime stories that Paul is writing. He also wants to see some of  the directors other work. They agree to meet again later in the week, and the next time the director will also be there.  


Paul now 


Maybe the gang are just kids doing instgram pics, hustling!


New idea, that could be right for Alex. It looks like Paul and Ra have a meeting with the gangster that is bothring the politican, and they make an offer to leave him alone. Money in a brioefcase. They go and see hiim in a warehouse.


He laughs at the money in the case, and it looks like its goig to end in a gun battle. It does, we see Ray and Paul shot and fall down. It then cuts, and we see it is a film set. 


Paul and ray are not on the ground, its actors. Plying them, and paul has taken this real life experience and gave these pages. They have been shooting a trailer and a few scenes to see if they can raise millions on kicsster. 


The actors, alex, acts likke a dick. And asks paul for advise, but not advise about being connected as he tells paul he is not really an actor, he has his own firm too. Business man. Paul says he is not a gsngter eother, writer. They both laugh. he leaves paul his card and asks to keep in touch.


Paul and `ray leave and don't think much about the flm, bht wont sell the rights. If they can raise the 5m on an all or nothing, good, but he knows they wont! But he does not want to burn bridges, as this actor hs a quite a few social media folloers anf already Pauls book is benefitig form these. 


They go and deal with the politins probelm. They find out its a kid trying to extort from him. A troll in his home, that mamaged stole the politiocan laptop and found the videos of him having sex. 











  • Fans, photographers, bodygaurds, and media at Paul's book signings.