Kickstarter campaign starts 2nd April 2016


A kickstarter campaign launches on April 2nd to try and fund the next episodes of "Crime Lord". From episode 4 to 16.


I'm posting brief breakdowns about all the new episodes here. Sharing an insight into how Paul and Ray start to build their crime empire from nothing. I don't want to give everything away, but just enough to let people see where the story is going to go.


There's also a lot of opportunities for people to appear in episodes, via the kickstarter campaign. This breakdown of episodes also lets people see the type of scenes they can appear in. From episodes 4-16


New episode breakdowns will be posted daily until the campaign starts. 






Paul is doing a book signing at a small indie bookshop. His publisher promises to generate promotion for the signing. Only two people turn up to get books signed! 


Paul calls the publisher and asks him what happend to the promised "marketing campaign." The publisher tells him "That's your job!" Ray turns up with some lunch and reminds Paul that this writing game is a very long term path. 


Ray suggests he should set up a crowdfunding campaign to try and fund a promotional book tour. Paul rejects this idea at first, but then agrees to try it. He makes a pitch video. A month later, his campaign has only raised £20! 


Paul accepts the fact that he is probably going to have to get back to his skill-set. At least until his writing takes off. He agrees to meet Ray that night to discuss a few possible business ideas.


Paul and Ray were due half of Logan's businesses, but Logan was arrested shortly after that agreement. He's in prison for tax dodging, and all his assets and accounts were seized. Ray and Paul need work fast. 


They meet that night to come up with some ideas. Ray tells Paul that he wants to get back into the smut business. He's not talking about pornography, more like "Erotic Entertainment". Ray also wants to open a lapdanacing club. 


Paul is not interested in this type of business, because he thinks it's too small time. However, because Ray is helping him, he agree's to help Ray until his writing takes off. And until he can fund some other business ideas. 


In the meantime, Ray offers Paul a job as a driver. Driving one of his Call Girls around to clients. "Candy Kane" 


(Episode 3 breakdown released on 12 March on the link below