Kickstarter campaign starts 2nd April 2016


Crowdfund backers can get involved in new Crime Lord episodes


A kickstarter campaign launches on April 2nd to try and fund the next episodes of "Crime Lord". From episode 4 to 16.


I'm posting brief breakdowns about all the new episodes here. Sharing an insight into how Paul and Ray start to build their crime empire from nothing. I don't want to give everything away, but just enough to let people see where the story is going to go.


There's also a lot of opportunities for people to appear in episodes, via the kickstarter campaign. This breakdown of episodes also lets people see the type of scenes they can appear in. From episodes 4-16


New episode breakdowns will be posted daily until the campaign starts. 






Paul is now working as a driver for Ray's Call Girls. We see him working with "Candy Kane" He drops her off at hotels to meet clients.


Candy also offers personal services for clients from an apartment that she rents from Ray. She is not sure about one particular client that she connected with via her website.


For safety reasons, she asks Paul if he would secretly be in the apartment while she deals with this client. The reality is, she just wanted to get some time with Paul. She wanted to put a business proposal to him. 


Candy has a lot of VIP clients on her list. If some of them were exposed to the media, they're careers would be over. However, she's not a golddigger. She respects their anonymity, unless they disrespect her. 


One of her clients crosses the line wiith her, and she wants revenge. She also knows Paul and Ray need capital and powerful connections to get started in business. 


Candy puts a proposal to Paul. One of her clients is a top Scottish MSP. (Ewan Ford) She says he has crosssed the line with her, so she wants Paul and Ray to set up cameras in the apartment to blackmail him. 


Paul and Ray refuse this at first, until Ray discovers that this is the same politician that helped to kill one of his business ideas. Ray wanted to open a lapdancing club the year before, but Ewan Ford helped to get the license rejected. 


Paul and Ray now decide to set Ewan up during his next session with Candy. They hide video cameras in the apartment, and hope Ewan will cross the line with Candy again. His spanking fetish starts to get darker, which is all caught on camera. 


They break up the party and Ewan realises he has been set up. They threaten to broadcast all this video all over the web, unless he helps to get Ray a licence for his club. Ewan agree's to do this deal with them. They are on the first ladder to building their empire. 


(Episode 4 breakdown released 13th March)