Kickstarter campaign starts 2nd April 2016


Crowdfund backers can get involved in new Crime Lord episodes


A kickstarter campaign launches on April 2nd to try and fund the next episodes of "Crime Lord" From episode 4 to 16.


I'm posting brief breakdowns about all the new episodes here. Sharing an insight into how Paul and Ray start to build their crime empire from nothing. I don't want to give everything away, but just enough to let people see where the story is going to go. 


There's also a lot of opportunities for people to appear in episodes, via the kickstarter campaign. This breakdown of episodes also lets people see the type of scenes they can appear in. From episodes 4-12


New episode breakdowns will be posted daily until the campaign starts.




  • A few small speaking roles as islanders on Isle Of Arran

  • Many other perks revealed on the campaign page later






Paul and Ray take a boat to the Isle of Arran to kill this gang boss on his fishing trip. They try to blend into the small population over this weekend. They visit the local bars, a whiskey distillery, and do the general tourist stuff. 


A few islanders recognise Paul from his writing. They are fans of his book. Paul begins to fall in love with the peace and tranquility of the island. He wants to stay there, until Ray reminds him why they are there. 


They stakeout the weekend holiday home of the rival gangboss. He has a couple of armed heavies with him. They kill the heavies but the gang boss escapes in a car. They chase him across the island as he tries to head for the ferry.


He misses the ferry crossing, then Paul and Ray trap him as he runs for the hills. The gang boss pleads for his life. He says he has no interest in building up his crime business, but his business partners would kill him if he shows signs of weakness. 


He wants to live on this island full time and live a simple legit life. They eventually believe him, and it looks like they won't kill him. In return, they want every address of his business partners and associates. They all need to be taken out tonight by Paul and Ray's gang.   


He gives them all the details of his organisation. It looks like they might spare his life. He also agrees to work for Ray and Paul in a part- time capacity. Advising them, sharing his experience.


Paul and Ray head for the ferry. Paul tells Ray he wants to live on this Island one day. He wants to build a home here and write more novels. In the meantime, they need to get back to business in Glasgow. 


(Episode 8 breakdown released 17th March)