Kickstarter campaign starts 2nd April 2016


Crowdfund backers can get involved in new Crime Lord episodes


A kickstarter campaign launches on April 2nd to try and fund the next episodes of "Crime Lord" From episode 4 to 16.


I'm posting brief breakdowns about all the new episodes here. Sharing an insight into how Paul and Ray start to build their crime empire from nothing. I don't want to give everything away, but just enough to let people see where the story is going to go. 


There's also a lot of opportunities for people to appear in episodes, via the kickstarter campaign. This breakdown of episodes also lets people see the type of scenes they can appear in. From episodes 4-12


New episode breakdowns will be posted daily until the campaign starts





  • Walk on roles as Gang Members

  • Extras and bit roles at book signings (Fans, Media, Photographers)

  • Several other perks listed on the campaign page when launched






Paul and Ray have just staged a hit on the gang that were trying to shake them down. They hit them all in the one location, after their boss done a deal with Paul and Ray.


The rival gangboss called a fake meeting to gather his associates in the one warehouse area. This is where Paul, Ray and their gang were waiiting for them. They staged a St Valentines Day Massacre style attack. 


Paul and Ray can now settle back into running their club. Paul's writing slowly begins to take off too. Ray also helps Paul get more social media savvy. He helps him with Photo-shoots, video diaries, and publicity material. 


He also sets up more book signings in Glasgow and Edinburgh. A trip to London is also planned to see Paul's publisher, and to do a few book signings. 


They also have business in London from more dark web clients, so they plan the book signing trip to match the same dates. Candy Kane will keep the club running when they are away. 


Ray's associate Bob McGregor is still pestering Paul about a movie version of Paul's books. He says he knows a company in London that make a lot of gangster films.


He thinks they would fund a film or series version of Paul's books. Paul is still not really interested in this small movie proposal, but Paul and Ray agree's to meet the London film producer. 


(Episode 9 breakdown released 19th March)


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