A film studio for "Crime Lord" 


All serials and soaps have permanent studio sets. 


I plan to make "Crime Lord" episodes for many years, with multiple seasons. I also want spin off stories with characters. In turn, it makes 100% sense to me to have some fixed permanent sets for "Crime Lord" 


The type of sets that these characters would spend a lot of their time in. An office, bar, club, board room, poker room, and  studio to broadcast media and such. 


I could also do live episodes of Crime Lord. These sets can also be hired out for other films,  photoshoots, and commericals. Fans of the series could also visit the set and appear in a bar or club scenes.


There's many opportunties to involve the audience. Lots of pics and micro sized promo content could also be produced. This could be released daily across social media.


I don't plan to build a studio. I can hire an industrial unit and get the sets built inside. I already have some funding interest, simply because this is more like a creative business.


In the meantime, my goal is to keep shooting episodes to keep this rolling. But I'm also working out my business plan for this, as the studio is a real possibility over the next 12-18 months.