I'm currently writing a CRIME LORD novel. I thought this would be fun to have this side by side with the feature film and filmed web series.


Most films are made because of the audience that is built from books. I'm simply writing the book too because I enjoy this other creative process. It also lets me flesh out more about the characters that won't be in the filmed web series.


Sharing my work out there via these other routes can also help build an audience for the filmed series. I plan to grow "CRIME LORD over the next few years, so I'm putting the work into the foundations.


It also opens up a lot of other story telling and promotion based possibilties by having the book to release too. Once the book is complete, it will  be released on Amazon. If the first one does well, I have a whole series of them. 


I have attached a sample chapter opposite. This is a first draft raw chapter for the moment. I'll release more in the weeks ahead.