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"Crime Lord" is about a crime writing criminal.


Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video & Google Play in UK-USA-CANADA-AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND.  I'm also writing the novel version. This is just a few teaser chapters on here

A full digital and physical novel will be released in 2020. The final version will be properly edited, and some of the chapters will be longer. 






I left the prison gate with a carrier bag filled with notepads, pens and a change of underwear for one day. The note pads have three quarters of a crime novel written on them.  I have just served my time for armed robbery.  

I took a chance at getting the dream in fifteen minutes, but I ended up with a fifteen year nightmare! Pretty stupid. I mean when does a heist ever go right! Even in the movies it’s always a “HEIST GONE WRONG!” Well, that’s usually the way it is in real life too.

I’m aware that the world has changed a lot since 2005. The global financial collapse, the internet, social media, disruptions in many industries and countries. Brexit, Trump, Fuck!!!, Jimmy Savile was a serial paedophile! ( He hosted a TV kids show, and made their wishes come true) I wrote to the BBC and asked if Jim would fix it for me to have a new family when I was a kid, but he never replied! Fuck him!

I have changed a lot in the last few years. I’ve even had to take it up the arse once or twice, but it sounds like many in this new post 9/11 world have been shafted in every orifice too! I don’t know if that’s a good world or a bad world to be entering, but I do know one thing. It’s a world of “New opportunities” I’m determined to get a piece of ‘something’! Legally!


The gates of the prison open. I walk out to the car park and hear an Irish voice I have not heard in five years. Paul!..How you doing? It’s Ray Tierney.