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Filmmaker (David Wilde) has a vision to make and release his films differently. His goal is to create his own web universe of crime films and novels. He’s already created the pilot, and his goal is to fund more episodes from next month. These will also be combined with a book tour.    


CRIME LORD is a crime web series and novel. The novel version will flesh out other parts of the stories and characters that are not in the filmed series. The novel also gives the opportunity to promote the series via a book tour. Some characters will also get their own spin off episodes, and be released into this single “CRIME LORD” destination. 


David “We have access to cheap filmmaking technology, web distribution, and social media platforms. However, I still don’t see much evolution in terms of how indie filmmakers are making and releasing DIY films. In most cases, it’s still about making a film, then taking it to festivals to get acceptance into the “Industry”. I understand that approach to attract budget projects, but the opportunity is also right in front of us to create our own “Story Worlds” direct to our audience. 


Youtubers are better at building audiences for their work than most filmmakers. They make short content on a regular basis, and they share it with the world for free. This approach also acts as marketing to cultivate fans. In turn, many youtubers make money from advertising, merchandise, and paid gigs that come from raising their profile. They’re not award driven, they’re subscriber driven! 


My goal is to combine the spirit of a youtuber, with my fiction filmmaking and writing. Going on tour with a series and novel, also gives you the opportunity to meet and involve your online supporters. I can also give them opportunities to appear in the series via potential events as the series grows. 


CRIME LORD is about a “Part Time Crime Writer…Full Time Criminal! The series pilot is currently free online. A crowd-fund campaign will be launched on April 2nd. New completed episodes will also be released via this campaign. 


This funding would be used to help create more episodes in Scotland, London, and the US. A book tour would also be incorporated in this. Several chapters of the novel have also been released online. 


I have made three features films and a few shorts. If you would like more information, you can download the "Press Kit" opposite. If you would like to schedule an interview with me, please get in touch.



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