One of the main motivations behind making CRIME LORD is because I love character driven worlds. I want to explore and develop characters in this type of universe.


A world where the lines between legit and criminality are blurred. This universe will have interesting characters, and thrilling episodes that are almost like mini movies. 


Most movies today are very corporate. Huge blockbuster superhero franchises. Interesting character driven films are not cost effective for the studios to produce or distribute anymore. That area of the industry now focusses on theme park like thrills. Not character or story telling films.


"Breaking Bad", "Mad Men", "Dexter", "The Sopranos", "Fargo", and "Sons Of Anarchy", Also, Euro crime dramas like "Spiral", "Wallander", and "The Killing" are all very popular. This is one of the reasons there's a new golden age of television, and web produced and distributed serials like "House Of Cards", 


My online series is obviously small compared to these, but that's what the web is all about. Growing global niche audiences over time. Many successful youtubers have bigger audiences than mainstream network TV shows.


I also want to make the series a thrill ride too. I will have cool action set pieces. From bank robberies, to hit squad shoot outs. I'll eventually crank the dials to 11 with it. It's called "Crime Lord", so I also want to do what it says on the tin too.


It will be a fine balance between character driven and thrills. The first episode starts with a slow burn, just to establish the characters. I shot it for almost nothing with the resources I had, but it will get bigger and better with time.


I will also introduce new talent and established talent with time. I believe it can get to the level of a TV produced show over the next year. But for the moment, I'm building it from humble beginnigs. Just like the Crime Lord character starts with nothing.