"Crime Lord" is about a crime writing criminal. I'm currently making this as a filmed web series, but I'm also writing the novel version. This is just a few teaser chapters. 


A full digital and physical novel will be released in 2018. The final version will be properly edited, and some of the chapters will be longer. 





I left the prison gate with a carrier bag filled with notepads, pens and a change of underwear for one day. The note pads have three quarters of a crime novel written on them.  I have just served my time for armed robbery.  


I took a chance at getting the dream in fifteen minutes, but I ended up with a fifteen year nightmare! Pretty stupid. I mean when does a heist ever go right! Even in the movies it’s always a “HEIST GONE WRONG!” Well, that’s usually the way it is in real life too.


I’m aware that the world has changed a lot since 2000. The global financial collapse, the internet, social media, disruptions in many industries and countries. Fuck!!!, Jimmy Savile was a serial paedophile! ( He hosted a TV kids show, and made their wishes come true) I wrote to the BBC and asked if Jim would fix it for me to have a new family when I was a kid, but he never replied! Fuck him!


I have changed a lot in the last few years. I’ve even had to take it up the arse once or twice, but it sounds like many in this new post 911 world have been shafted in every orifice too! I don’t know if that’s a good world or a bad world to be entering, but I do know one thing. It’s a world of “New opportunities” I’m determined to get a piece of ‘something’!


The gates of the prison open. I walk out to the car park and hear an Irish voice I have not heard in five years. Paul!..How you doing? It’s Ray Tierney.