We come in just when Paul and Ray were ready to order a hit squad to kill Jack's Thompson's crew. Which we saw in season one. 

We go back to before they called their gang to do the job. Ray says it will bring heat towards them. They agree to call it off, especially since Jack knows it was Ewan Ford that shot him.

Ray gets a lease on a club but Paul is not impressed. Paul's not sure about their business partnership anymore. Ray also get's worried about Paul's ability to do the jobs that are lined up, after Paul goes soft when they were debt collecting. 


Ray tells Paul that he thinks his whole "Crime Lord" persona in his novel and life is bullshit! Ray is worried Paul does not have what it takes to do the jobs that lie ahead. 

Paul convinces Ray he can do what needs to be done. From roughing people up, to cold contract killings.

We later see Paul approach Ray in a car park. He wants to prove to Ray he has what it takes. He pulls out a gun and shoots Ray. One bullet to the belly and one to the head.

Is Ray dead or is this a fantasy scene from Paul's novel?

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