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Ray took out a lease on the club in the worst time in history. Right at the start of covid19!

We're now a year in from when covid started, so the nightclubs are dead. The online Justice-Revenge service is also quiet, so they're forced to do almost any job that comes up for the moment.

They decide to do a few more jobs for a local criminal. They do a cash for drug exchange, but the deal goes wrong. They almost get killed by the drug gang who tries to take their money.

They overpower him and his heavies, and steal their case of drugs. They discover there's over a million pounds worth of coke in the case. They decide to keep it, but they need a few big buyers.

Ray has a few potential buyers all over the UK. Ex porn distributors who are now in the drug business. Ray suggests that Paul does a book tour, and he can also deliver these drug packages to buyers in each city.

Ray also has jobs lined up across the UK from the revenge website. The book tour will be the front for the behind the scenes crime spree, which will secure the money for a bigger club later in the year.