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July 12, 2017

I like the crime genre because of the size of the canvas you can create on. It's practically limitless. I don't want to try and replicate some of the best gangster stories in Cinema or TV, or I will fail. I have to do what budget films can't or won't do. 


I also can't present the usual stereotypical character types we have seen before. Saying that, I still have to do what it says on the tin. Especially when you have a title like "Crime Lord". But I try and put my own spin, angle on a genre. 


With that kind of title, you have the promise of Gangsters, Hitmen, Femme Fatales, Call Girls, and corrupt politicans. But that typical cocktail of characters has to be built around a new recipe. I'm more interested in how crime has evolved in todays world.


Our world leaders are even more corrupt than any mafia family, and corporations and big businesses shaft us on a daily basis, but on a whole, they get away with it more because they are so powerful, and hide behind the respectable front. Although transparency today has exposed them all. 


The creative industries have corruption, and in many cases operate in a legitimate infrastructure. Whether that's government funding bodies, or the middle men in films, music, TV, Art, Sport, you name it. Although if you take Fifa, those scumags were pretty blatant about their corruption! 

I could go on and on about how corrupt and lost our world is in every sector. I think we all know! From the banks, Tax dodging, right down to the crimes in suburbia. "WIFE KILLS HUSBAND FOR INSURANCE  TO FUND NEW BOOBS!" We only have to look at the news to see how crime is a HUGE canvas! It's basically the "WORLD". 


I personally don't rant about all the bad shit, that's useless energy in the wrong places. I always see the positive side of the planet, but the fact is, it was corrupt when I got here and it will still be long after I'm gone.


On a really positive note, this is the whole point of being a creative individual. You have to be sensitive to the world, but then fillter that into palatable work. Work that is fun, sexy, entertaining, thrilling, provocative, informative. But not preachy. You can go to social media and find raw preaching and ranting all day long. I'm not swallowing that. 



My point is, "Crime Lord" won't just be about hitmen and hardmen. If I can keep it rolling, the characters will evolve into many areas. From business, politics, movies, music, sport, tech, you name it. Paul Black and his partner will turn into an entrepreneur that gets into many sectors in this new "legit" criminal world.


At the same time, because he also writes pulp fiction crime novels, we will also jump from reality, to the fake world of his crime writing. It also means we can have fun with the stereotypical criminal types too. Scenes and whole episodes can jump from reality, into pulp fiction like fantasy worlds. 


For the moment, he starts out as a crime writer who funds his own book tour via dark web crime jobs. The goal is to grow it from my and his humble beginnings.


If you want to help me build this, join the gang via my KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN You can also appear in it if you are near Scotland, or London. There's also some opportunities to appear in it via the web in video and pictures. 



Thanks for reading!












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