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February 26, 2018

I have been completing the edit for Season (1) of Crime Lord.


This brief update is mainly for everybody that has been involved with the project, past supporters, and any new followers. 


This has been an on going project for the last few years. In the last six months, I decided to shoot another three 30 minute episodes to present it as a full season. A tough decision, as I failed two previous kickstarter campaigns to turn it into a season. And like most of us, I don't have money to burn.  


I had a few short episodes that were on youtube and Vimeo for a while, but it really only covered the basic concept of a criminal that gets out of prison and wants to go straight as a crime writer. It has a much bigger universe. About the characters double life of a crime writing criminal. Following him and Ray as they build a crime and media empire. Readers think the character is writing fiction, but in reality, he's documenting his life. Which in turn, makes his novels successful. 


I can't build it to this bigger world without money, but I am happy to drip it out there for years to see if I can grow it over time. In order to do that, I at least wanted half a dozen 30 minute episodes to release out there. Also, supported by the novel version I have been writing. And of course, when I release this season, I have many promotion ideas. Although I think sharing your own story is crucial too. 


A season and a novel is a more solid package that could help to potentially gather an audience over time. Then I might be in a better position to secure funding for it later this year or next.  If I don't, I'll just continue to write it as a series of crime novels. Who knows, if they do well, it might have legs in the years ahead. Self produced, or a remade series. Hopefully before I kick the bucket!



On top of this, I'm going to radically change my approach to social media. Creating lots of supporting content. Vlogs, Podcasts, Blogs. I'm going to produce these on an almost daily basis after I finish editing this. The simple fact is,  people follow people's stories. Filmmakers in general, me included, don't produce anywhere near the level of supporting content we need to get our work and ourselves out there. 


Vloggers are much more skilled and focussed about this, and that's why the best one's are great at growing subscribers. I used to make the excuse that vloggers only shoot reality cheap videos daily. Fiction filmmakers content is much more expensive and time consuming, because it also involves actors and crews and such in fiction content.


However, the reality is, who gives a fuck! I'm the one that will suffer if I don't juggle both. I have to create the content for MY STORY and my FICTION WORK, or I will just drift into that sea of noise out there. If that means I have to be a Fiction Filmmaker-Novelist-Actor and Vlogger, then that's what I need to do to give this my best shot. 


It's the reality of the world, so my life will be 50% producing fiction content, and 50% my own story. If you have a passion for what you are doing, really care about it, you have to do what it takes to get your work out there. 


I have not been great at social media, but I'm not going to punish myself about it, because the vast of us are not great at it. But I decided if I am going to have a presence, I don't want to be known any more for just sharing any old nonsense that doesn't feed the bigger vision.


Saying that, I like a bit of nonsense too! But enough is enough with regards to feeding the social media monster with any old drivel. Life is too short to burn up time on nothingness. 



Anyway, I have almost completed the post on "Crime Lord". It will be finished by next week, and will be released on Amazon and Vimeo soon. It should be March, but no later than April on one or both of these platforms.


My plan was to complete it sooner, but since it has been self funded, it's been brutally hard on my finances. A choice I made, but it also meant I didn't have the luxury of editing full time. I have been doing it on evenings and weekends. If it was funded, it would have been online at christmas. It's still not a bad production and release timeline.


Thanks to everybody that has been involved with the project, and to all the past supporters and new followers. I want to give it a good blast when it's released, so if you're interested in the project, please follow the social networks. Mail List subscribers will get the release date days before the public release date.





PS. Everybody that was involved with the project, will get to see a private link to the new episodes before the official release. Once it's officially released, actors can also get clips for their showreels.

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February 26, 2018

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