I'm now preparing to shoot the final episode of Crime Lord.

I have been making this small diy crime series for years. Shooting an episode just when I could afford it, so Season 1 took a while to make. I was also making other things side by side. Season 2 went much faster.

However, it's time to let it go. The series has legs to go on for years, but it's just not cost effective to continue. And many other reasons. I have other projects I need to give my full attention to. Projects that could secure proper budgets, acting gigs, and I also just want to tell different diy stories in shorts and micro features.

I don't have any regrets, as that's twelve episodes I have made after this final one. For years I "talked" about making stuff. I would have failed if I had done nothing, or one concept episode. Now that I'm doing it, I will never stop with other work. I have also learned so much I can take to other budget and no budget stories.

I'm currently preparing the final episode, as I can't end it on the previous episode. I need to tie up the loose ends. This episode will be released on youtube like the others, then it will be shipped for Amazon Prime Video.

Ironically, the view numbers have exploded, but that's still not enough to carry on with this. I have a budget version of Crime Lord. The same concept but a VERY different stories. More of a dark drama thriller. If that got made one day, that's different, but it would only be made if it had a serious budget and names attached.

If you want to get on board the final episode, please check out the perks on my website. Although it's ending, you can still be a producer on IMDB, and get your name on the this. Which will also be viewed across the world on Amazon.

I'm also making up a new SEASON 2 poster. There's only going to be 50 prints of these ever made. Signed by me, so these will be unique. Or if you liked what I did, then please consider any level of donation. Every penny helps on the final episode. Link to funding page here.

Thanks so much to everybody that has supported me, watched this, shared it, and to cast and crew have been involved. I'll be sharing new projects I'm working on soon. After I get this episode made and released. So it's not the end for me, just a new chapter!


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